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Explore, Experiment, Experience:

Unleash your inner change maker!

About Us


We are social change agents with over 50 years of combined experience working around the globe; you could say we're passionate about social change! We are committed to sharing simple yet effective human rights-based approaches and methods that engergize, empower and excite people to become their own community change agents, no matter where they come from. Learn more about us...



We provide a nurturing and supportive, yet highly dynamic environment for groups of up to 32 people, to explore and experiment with creating their own platforms for individual and social change in any community setting, be it community-based settings, NGO and UN agencies, national level organizations, and/or private sector corporations. Check out our most recent projects!

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Don't just take our word for it, check out these stories of change and moving video testimonials directly from our Experiential Learning Lab alumni! Our alumni are our most valuable assets, and they speak best about our work. We think you'll be as excited about our Experiential Learning Labs as they are, once you hear their stories...

If you are an alumni looking to deepen your understanding and skills around facilitating your own Experiential Learning Lab, consider applying to our Apprentice or Associate’s Programs. Our Mentoring program is open to both alumni and non-alumni, individuals and organizations big and small. To learn more, check out our Get Involved page, and learn how you can create your own opportunities for meaningful change!


Get Involved


The five days have been full of exciting sessions, group work, inspirational videos, great facilitation and above all, participatory learning. I was really inspired by the way the learning lab used our experiences and opinions to aim for our self-realization of various terms & topics related to social change, rather than relying on theory laden slides!  The learning lab stands up to its name!"



"This is has been a truly transformational experience for me.  When my children are older, and I tell them the story of my life, this will be one of the key milestones that I share with them...

Thank you so much"

“I tell you, life is no longer the same [after the C4D Learning Lab]. I was in a workshop yesterday and kept on day dreaming about C4D...trainings will be hard to attend after the Zomba Learning Lab.


We are having a debriefing lunch with our local partner team...We have been so much awakened, we can't afford to be silent.


Thank you for the experience."  



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