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At Change Makers, we believe in people, and we believe in change. Real change takes time and commitment, and at Change Makers, we are deeply committed to our participants before, during and after a learning event. Our alumni, and the assets that they possess after experiencing their first Experiential Learning Lab, are worth nurturing and growing for long term sustainability in the social change arena, so to help them grow to their full potential, we offer three on-going programs to help interested alumni reach their full potential as true change makers.

Our Apprentice Program

All Change Makers alumni are eligible to apply to our Apprentice Program. Upon application and selection, apprentices assist our lead facilitators to set-up local logistics and workshop venues, and co-facilitate select sessions during the actual Learning Lab. These apprenticeships are available on an as-needed basis, depending on the location of upcoming learning labs.


During actual events, Apprentices assist the Change Makers team with session preparation and select co-facilitation, but the real value of becoming a Change Makers Apprentice is in reinforcing initial learning, and taking capacity building to another level, allowing apprentices to observe and practice new approaches to participatory rights-based facilitation, problem-solving and conflict resolution during an actual learning lab event.


Check our blog to meet some of the incredible Change Maker apprentices!



Our Associate’s Program

After serving in the apprentice program, select apprentice alumni may be invited to become Change Makers Associates. This program enables our alumni around the world to take their rights-based learning even deeper, honing their participatory rights-based facilitation skills, learning how to write proposals for in-country clients, and acting as our eyes and ears in-country, looking for new opportunities to share the Change Makers experience on a wider scale with other organizations.


Our Associates assist with pre-event planning, preparation and actual faciliation of specific learning lab sessions, and in some cases may act as our in-country liaisons for future events.


The real value in our Associate’s Program is in learning from the ‘inside out’, how to initiate, plan and run human rights-based Change Makers Experiential Learning Labs under the guidance of our seasoned senior team, thus building in-country capacity to sustain the Change Makers approach for the next generation of change agents.

Our Mentoring Program

Uniquely skilled to provide on-the-job capacity building and team-building in both traditional and non-traditional settings, Change Makers is pleased to offer both single-session and ongoing coaching through our Mentoring program. In addition, individual sessions and/or packages may be arranged by contacting Change Makers directly.


Our Mentoring program builds on the Experiential Learning Lab experience by focusing on individual needs, so that each alumni can reach his or her full potential as an effective and dynamic change agent. Sessions can cover, and are not limited to:


* Discussing a specific topic in more     detail and how it fits into the individual’s life;


* Career coaching to help alumni realize their full potential in their current job;


* Organizational development guidance to assist alumni in sharing rights'-based philosophies, processes and tools across their organizations on a wider scale;


* Addressing challenges that alumni face once they return home and begin implementing their new-found social change skills.


Whether you are an individual looking to improve your rights-based social change skills, or an organization wishing to empower your staff to use human rights based approaches in all aspects of your organization’s work, we’re happy to work with you to design a mentoring program that is tailored to fit your unique needs. Please contact us for further information!

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