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In Memoriam: Cynthia Kisah Cherono

"You don't have to be the President to bring about change...Change starts with me..."

The Change Makers Learning Labs family lost one of our brightest young stars last month, and we wanted to honor her memory with a post that showed what made her so special to so many of us. Cynthia had that bright spirit that brought people to laughter in an instant. She was funny and fun-loving, yet if you engaged her on a deeper level she had so much to say. She was open to change in herself, and creating a better future for the people she worked with. We will never forget her creativity during Simulation Week - adapting one of the most memorable Learning Lab sessions during her 10-day Learning Lab for Training of Trainers. Let's just say, everyone in the room will never forget her 'magic pot' session! A light extinguished far too soon, will will not forget her as she serves to remind us that our work is not always easy, and we all need to pro-actively reach out and support one another often. I am grateful that we can still hear her words and her laughter...

Below, her testimonial during Learning Lab 1, November 2015, Naivasha, Kenya:

And from Learning Lab 2, April 2016, Naivasha, Kenya:

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