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The River of Life...My Journey to Now

The River of Life is a story depicting the most important times in my life. These are moments that shaped me and I would like to share this with you...

The River starts from the bottom with:


The river is smooth and with one color, you can see green trees, mountains and birds in the air. This moment in my life was very peaceful and calm, I spent part of the time with my grandmother in a beautiful environment where the air was clean and stories were told at night about nature, birds, and animals and about good and bad people. This is a treasured moment in my life.


These were my years of blossoming and bridging over to the next part of my life. My mind was active; I was becoming a young woman, but at the same time trying to find myself and defining who I was. That’s why there is a bridge and the waters have a deeper color to it.

Young Adult:

Soon after high school and into the university, I had troubled moments where things were hard and it was hard to even get a daily meal. After university, I went through a long dry spell looking for a job and things looked very deem for me. I had troubled moments with self- esteem and identification of I was, that is why the waters are troubled with waves in them.

Career, Marriage, and Children:

This was one of the best moments in my life. I got a job in the sector I loved of child protection and child rights, I met and married a wonderful God fearing man and got two wonderful children. This have been the most fruitful moments in my life and moments which also where I have had to express my deepest emotions and feelings depicted by the deep blue cuts in the water.

Working with the Community:

There has been ups and downs as I tried to implement various projects in the community. The rewards have been great as depicted in the colors in the circle, but it has been like trying to pull up a mushrooming field for when one is pulled out, on other sprouts in the same spot. That’s is why the circle depicting community, but also the recurring nature of issues in the community.

New Learnings:

I have acquired new knowledge which includes a Master’s degree, a certificate as a Training of Trainers (ToT) in Human Rights-Based Communication for Development (C4D), and am currently taking a diploma course in Leadership in Development, the latter of which is what this blog is all about.

My Future:

My future has a definite path, the river is flowing, calm and the grass is lush and the stars are bright!

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