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Apprentice Spotlight: Shreejana Bajracharya

Always excited about life and looking for opportunities to create positive change, Shreejana is a very dynamic apprentice. Since August 2013, Shreejana has kept an ongoing blog, sharing her observations, experiences, insights and knowledge around sexual and reproductive health issues related to young people. Although she considers herself to be “a social worker in the field of sexual and reproductive health and rights (SRHR)”, she is also a feminist with a graduate degree in Gender Studies from Tribhuwan University, Nepal, and a bachelor’s degree in Environmental Science. Currently she works as a communication consultant for Marie Stopes International (MSI) - an international NGO that supports comprehensive women’s sexual and reproductive health, rights and access to services - she is also a Youth Champion for the Asia Safe Abortion Partnership.

Not content to sit back and let life happen, Shreejana is a force of change that will surely make a significant impact on youth in her home country, in addition to sharing her experience at regional and global levels. The self-realization that she has gained since becoming a Change Maker Apprentice can be seen in her blog posts since then; we invite you to check out Shreejana’s blog, Kumari: A Feminist, here:, and learn more about this young Nepali Change Maker, she is truly one of tomorrow's leaders.

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