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Apprentice Spotlight: Prabina Sujakhu

One of our most dynamic Change Makers apprentices has got to be Prabina Sujakhu. Not content with 'work as usual', any time a social need arises Prabina is ready to take up the call to action in true change maker style. As soon as the massive earthquake recently took its toll on Nepal, Prabina immediately gathered up her volunteer colleagues at the Bhaktapur Youth Information Center and began to carry out hygiene and domestic violence interventions for those living in the displaced persons camps.

Since the quake's initial devastation, Prabina has become a leader in getting urgent aid out to those in need through her volunteer work with the Bhaktapur Red Cross. Currently, Prabina is looking after emergency shelter management and carrying out WASH surveys to determine what responses are most needed. In addition, she has been coordinating national and international volunteers and donor response for sanitation orientations and relief commodity distribution. As always, Prabina's focus is on the most vulnerable groups, such as pregnant and lactating mothers, and adolescents. Her current work includes data collection on the specific needs of these vulnerable groups in rebuilding their lives post-quake. We are so proud of her response to this emergency situation, Prabina, you inspire us!

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