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Now, I Am Changed

My director called me and said, "Peggy, there is an email I have sent you, please respond and plan to attend." I opened my computer and saw the invitation from MoDP and UNICEF to a two week workshop! Imagine, two weeks...a lot of things went through my mind, especially concerning my son, my project activities, and the upcoming organization AGM which I had been involved in planning.

I decided to read the letter and find out what this two weeks will be all about. The letter talked about communication for development workshop and what I was required to bring.

Communication for Development...mmmh! This pricked my mind and I wanted to know more. I decided to open the other attachments and read. The more I read, the more I got exicited and started reflecting on my work and how this is so different from what I do. So, I came for the training.

When I entered the workshop room I became very excited with what I saw on the walls and tables. All the colours, paper, props, this touched me deeply and brought out the child in me. I have never had such a feeling in any other workshop I have ever attended. The few moments ellicited hope and a promise of a new way of life and doing things.

When the presentations started, it was not like the usual things I have seen done, like power points and boring group discussions and flipchart writing by the facilitators. The methods used were simple, mind provoking and ellicited a desire for me to give more to the activities and discussions around the tables. So far, I have learned that people can learn even by having fun!

For my work, I can never ever go back to the way I used to work. I now have a new way of seeing and looking at my projects from planning to evaluation. I understand that for development to occur, people have to desire change. And this change has to come from the people, the community. They have the solutions, ideas and ways to bring the desired change.

I can never again use the same methods I used before when implementing my projects. I have new tools and strategies which will bring out the discussions towards the change needed. I have the 360 Degree Observation, the 3H's, Community Dialogue, and the Most Significant Change Story approaches as things I can use to create human rights-based change.

Now, I am my way of thinking, in how I feel, and in everything I do.

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