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Change is DARTS...

April 21, 2016

This exercise got me thinking about the term CHANGE. What is change? Trust me, I googled, looked for the term in materials, referred to my last change story, etc. [I realized} My last change story was stolen. Yes, STOLEN! Stolen from the terms that we had learned, from the beautiful quotes that were given. It did not speak of change that I could relate to. I believe that was the bigger picture, to use the knowledge gained and relate it to self.  However, how has this knowledge that I gained been put into action, and translated into change?  One common term is certain when you think of change - DIFFERENCE. And of course the many synonyms that bring depth to change.


My most significant change story can be summed up in these words:

D = Diversity

A = Addition

R = Reconstruction/Refinement

T = Transformation

S = Sustainable


From the self and as an extension of the self to the community in which I belong, I have more naturally embraced diversity - an all around acceptance of all with my 360 degree lenses. I have added value[information & ideas] during meetings and in one-on-one discussions.  I have had to reconstruct some of the prejudices that I harbored earlier, before this experience.  I am still on the road towards complete transformation.  A place where I can smile and declare that because of me, someone else is


I AM DARTS and I am aiming for the bulls eye. To make a positive difference in the lives that I encounter. To make a DARTS change. I look forward to learning more how my existence contributes to your existence {UBUNTU}. This is a start I believe...


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