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My Most Significant Change Story

As I left the Great Rift Valley Lodge in November, I was excited about the new C4D concepts and wanted to share. A couples meeting was arranged for members of my church, and I was given 30 minutes to share what I have learned at the ToT Learning Lab. I shared on the importance of having all the information before making a conclusion, using a 360 degree approach in making decisions. We watched the slides on Mohamed Ali and Nelson Mandela. The reaction after showing the slides..."Ahaaaa, really!!!"

Communication amongst couples sometimes gets strained. I share the participatory communication approach and showed the Alvin Ailey dance videos. This brought about positive discussion and harmony. A couple who were estranged, were able to reflect on what has been going wrong in their marriage, and are now together again. This couple is now an example to others on the power of dialogue, participatory communication, and the importance of always using a 360 degree approach in all situations.

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