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C4D...Wape Kionjo Watamani Makubwa!

"Go forth, and be a Change Maker!", was the cry after the first training of trainers for the National C4D Facilitation Team. I said, "Yessss!!". When I returned to my work site, I was asked to explain C4D in 5 minutes or less. I felt stressed and proceeded to show a quick power point to my colleagues (even though we learned in the ToT that we should try to limit using power point whenever possible). I felt like a storm cloud was overhead, and my C4D folder felt rained upon.

Then one day, another Change Maker put out the call to help her co-facilitate a C4D presentation to her colleagues. I happily took her hand and partnered with her for this C4D overview presentation! We were flooded with questions during the presentation..."Who are rights holders? Isn't it too academic? What's 360 degrees? When do we use C4D? What's new in C4D? Won't rights holders turn against duty bearers?"

Immediately after the presentation people kept coming up to us and asking, "How can I get training in C4D?!?" One participant asked me, "With this modest participation, how can I achieve best results?" Our answer was, "C4D ni aste-aste. Wape kionjo watamani makubwa!" ["C4D...give them a taste and they will want more!].

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