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Thinking, Observing, Acting

The first C4D ToT Learning Lab renewed my passion and commitment in child protection. Indeed, C4D training had changed my thinking, observation and acting.

After LL1, I realized as I work with the community, appreciative inquiry was always in my mind and I considered so much of the community potential, and once in a while I would mention it to the participants and this empowered them. I have learned to suppress the urge of enforcing my ideas and let the community take the lead, and this made them more confident. Within the communities there is so much potential, good ideas, and many different ways of doing things that are better and more effective. I have also learnt to handle people uniquely and it gives me greater joy that these people are improving their productivity.

Before, I used to approach matters with a closed mind, most times I had already formed an opinion, not open to other dimensions. But now, I listen before conclusion, take time to give suggestions and I'm also open to criticism. As I tackle my daily responsibilities re: work and family, I have always remembered the 3Hs' before acting.

And yes, C4D training gave me the courage that with community participation, then child protection is a reality.

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