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Leadership in Development 2017: Learning Intentions


This are learning priorities that I have set for myself at the start of the course, and these may also change as the course goes on and new ideas and priority areas come up due to my continued learning:

I. Overall Priorities:

1. Understand what is Asset-Based community development

2. Acquire new skills and knowledge in leadership and development

3. Get knowledge from other related courses that I may find interesting

4. Develop work plans to implement in organization and community

5. Become a transformed educator and leader

II. Gaining New Knowledge:

1. Learn how to develop my own theory of change

2. Learning from others stories of change and how they got there

3. Being able to learn from and forget what has not worked and adapting new ideas

4. How to promote accountable democracies

5. How organizations transform and change

III. Reflections and Attitudes:

1. Be open minded to change

2. Be more inclusive in my thinking

3. Share my knowledge, skills and talents with others

4. Take up journaling as a way of storing ideas and reflection

5. Pick up the Antigonish spirit of giving and appreciation

IV. Learning New Skills and Behaviors:

1. Learn to be an active listener and giving others opportunity to speak

2. Learn new facilitations skills for communities

3. Use of ABCD tools in community development

4. Learn how to blog for my portfolio

5. Be more appreciative of diversity in people

V. Learning From and Living With Others:

1. Accommodate other peoples cultures and way of doing things

2. Deliberately learn words of a new language

3. Appreciate constructive criticism from others

4. Participate in Coady, STFX Antigonish activities and events

VI. Any Other: Learning, Dancing, Cooking, Living Healthy, Having Fun:

1. Learn how to swim, play guitar

2. Eat well and live healthy and have fun

3. Learn Sign Language

4. Do at least one volunteer in the community

5. Learn Thai Massage

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