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The Coady Institute: Leadership in Development 2017

Who I Am

I am a spirited, well-educated, spiritual, artistic woman, mother, wife and development change maker leader. I come from Kenya, where I work as a community developer on child rights and child protection in the capacity of the Regional Coordinator-Coast for the Kenya Alliance for Advancement of Children.

Currently I am a student at the Coady Institute at St. Francis Xavier University in Antigonish, Nova Scotia

Canada, studying a diploma course on Leadership in Development. In this blog, I am going to discuss my learning, how I feel about what I am learning, and how this applies to me, my work and my community back home.

Methods of Reflection

I will reflect on my learning using the 3-H's approach:

H = Head (Knowledge)

H = Heart (Feelings)

H = Hands (Actions)

I will also be using visuals (pictures, drawings and images), as well as videos and clips, to express my points of discussion.


1. Learning Intentions

2. River of Life

3. First Impressions

4. Foundation Course - Leadership

5. Foundation Course - Adult Education & Community Development

6. Asset-Based Community Development (ABCD)

7. Globalization

8. Theory of Change: Cultivating Positive Social Change

9. Promoting Accountable Democracies

10. Mid-Term Action Plan

11. Experiences Outside the Classroom

12. Action Ideas -What to Do Different When I Get Home

13. Leadership Specialization - Learning Organization Change

14. Leadership Specialization - Advocacy: Increasing Citizen Voice and Agency

15. Rethinking Partnership

16. End Term Action Plan

17. Experiences Outside the Classroom

18. Most Significant Changes in the Diploma Course

19. Reflections on Learning Intentions

20. Overall Action Plan and Commitment

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